By Laws

Rules of play:
1- 18 years old minimum
2- Free aim only(no Free aim assisted)
3- Usage of a mic is mandatory, muting other members is not allowed
unless it’s for something important ie promotion etc
(communication is important)

Club conduct:
4- Respect the hierarchy
5- This is your only crew, no switching crew on all games
6- Obey all officer orders (except to kill another patch member
7- No physical damage to another patched member (no shooting, punching, running over ect. If it happens by accident apologize) 8- No bullying, racism, sexism, homophobia, or discrimination of any.
9- No killing yourself in any fight against anyone

Lobby conduct:
10- No passive and no off radar
11- No AFK in open lobbies
(go to apt or leave lobby)
12- Keep it 1%
without exception in open lobbies and against any other
13- Don’t shoot other MC members until shot upon
(Patched members will tell you about our friendly MC’s and enemy MC’s)
14- All hangs and prospects must stand guard when we’re at the club house, clothing store, ect

15- We are a 1% club,
stay 1% against everyone unless an officer has given the go ahead to use something else
16- On foot: Assault rifles only
(some exceptions are made ask a patch permission to use 99er weapons)
17- On a bike: All guns can be used (no explosives and no auto shotgun)

18- You only drive chopper bikes (in open lobbies)
19- No military vehicles can be used (heli, jets, tanks ect

20- Make sure you’re always wearing dark biker clothing with patch on
21- Wear the hangaround/prospect/patched outfit
22- All face paints are not allowed
23- Flip Flops with socks are not allowed (closed toe boot or shoe)
24- No duplicate outfits, if an officer has a specific outfit you’ll have to change yours
25- Once Patched in, you must have the war outfit (ask a patched member for details once patched in)

26- In TDM’s no gun butting (unless on accident),
no corner shooting,
no blind shooting,
no bull shark
no killing afk people
no blowing yourself up
27- No game or network exploitation or manipulations
including but not limited to DNS, lag switches, network throttling, god mode, and wall breaches.
28- Officers must stay active,
if you miss more than 4 church’s in a 2 month span, it’ll be suggested that you step down from your role